Verm-X4U. Herbal worming for everyone.

Verm-X products are made by Taunton-based Paddocks Farm Partnership Ltd.  We are the only company in the world that exclusively focuses on producing natural parasite control products for both animals and humans. It is our specialist subject and all our research funding is aimed at increasing the number and range of effective Verm-X products. Our valued clients encourage us in our drive to eradicate the use of chemicals. Before pharmaceutical formulations intervened there were only natural ingredients.  We are doing nothing new.  We are purely offering animal keepers the opportunity to use an approach that has stood the test of time – a far longer time than since the introduction of man-made alternatives.

What is Verm-X?
Verm-X is a 100% natural formulation that controls internal parasites whilst being gentle on the gut and digestive system. Verm-X was initially launched for horses in 2002, formed out of our love for them. Our concern for the volume of chemicals in use in the day-to-day management of animals brought us to create our extensive range, in consultation with some of the most respected medical herbalists in the world. We now have successful Verm-X formulations for horses, cows, poultry, dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, sheep, goats, pigs, ducks, game and caged birds, llamas and alpacas. Verm-X4U, for people of all ages, is the latest addition to the family. Because of UK herbal products directives, we can only sell Verm-X4U overseas and not in the UK.

All Verm-X products undergo rigorous research, development, manufacturing and packaging processes.  We are immensely proud of our high standards and the companies we work with to produce the Verm-X range.

The companies who help in the making of Verm-X share our values:
  • Biodynamic, non-GM farming of organic herbs and plants
  • Fresh extracts and tinctures are processed on-site within hours of being harvested
  • Herbs are planted, farmed, harvested, processed and distributed according to strict organic codes
  • Adhering to manufacturing and quality guidelines and practices
  • Extensive in-house product research and testing
  • Farm-grown herbs are dried by costly but less degenerative dehumidification processes
  • Our pelleted products are produced in one of the UK’s only low temperature pelleting facilities that prevents damage to the ingredients.
  • Environmentally aware, cutting carbon usage and enforcing  recycling disciplines wherever possible (some of our current suppliers are actually carbon positive)
  • Practical packaging to accommodate our widest range of customers.
Verm-X4U 15ml tincture - lasts two months! Researchers taking a tour of one of our herb fields.
  • Verm-X is ideal for those wishing to explore a natural way of repelling internal parasites and adopting organic protocols.
  • All Verm-X products are manufactured under licence by expert producers in the UK and Europe to the highest standards. 
  • Verm-X products are made from unadulterated, non-GM, natural ingredients.
  • Verm-X is highly palatable and has no known resistance.
  • Verm-X is highly cost-effective.
  • Fresh extracts and tinctures are processed on-site within hours of being harvested.
  • Verm-X4U is available exclusively for human beings!  Our animal range of Verm-X is available for the following animals: Dogs, Cats, Caged Birds, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Horses, Sheep, Goats, Poultry, Cows, Alpacas, Llamas, Pigs, Game Birds and Racing Pigeons.
  • Verm-X has won 4 Green Apple Awards for Environmental Best Practice in Farming and Agriculture.
  • The parent company, Paddocks Farm Partnership Ltd, has been voted the Somerset Business of the Year 2008 by the Chamber of Commerce.
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Somerset Small Business of the Year 2008

One of the UK laboratories where Verm-X is made.

Verm-X helps animals too.
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